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Amelia tribe of Issachar
Ain't nobody hacking my trained German shepherds 😂
Коментарий: Amelia tribe of Issachar

Joe Smith
NOTHING that a piece of masking tape can't handle , and then cut off a old headphone ear connection piece and place that into the (your) extension headphone of your cellphones to redirect and stop remote use of the built-in phone speakers...and that's all you really need to know other than Not putting all your personal information about yourself and family on the internet, as they want you to to keep and store 'ALL' . Just don't let them, screw them; And let them go straight to Hell !
Коментарий: Joe Smith

vivolove roses
The thumbs down must be the pedophiles that are looking into babies cribs at night
Коментарий: vivolove roses

louis tournas
I found some online webcams where girls take their cloths off. Nothing is secure.
Коментарий: louis tournas

J.R Junior
This is insane, WTF
Коментарий: J.R Junior

6:22 not even bluring ip adress
Коментарий: SaveChanges

notyouraverage person
Electronics have always been this way.......don’t be lazy, lock your own door, sleep with a gun under your pillow.
Коментарий: notyouraverage person

Shanardo Goodhope
The Government is watching EVERYBODY
Коментарий: Shanardo Goodhope

joe momma
Ditch the so-called smart devices and you'll be fine.
Коментарий: joe momma

Bless her for helping these people!!
Коментарий: stacyeandrew2

timothy chan
pranking an infant.... seriously???
Коментарий: timothy chan

Well might as well stick to normal wired security cameras.
Коментарий: SeekerofTruth29

Marino The Natsarim
It is very easy tho..
just a google search and almost everybody can do it!

Коментарий: Marino The Natsarim

Dis Appointed
Alot of lawsuits
Коментарий: Dis Appointed

google customer
My house is dumb. I like it that way.
Коментарий: google customer

Ali Mohammond
return them and sued them!
Коментарий: Ali Mohammond

Ali Mohammond
my body can watch anybody from there front door ,if they have a "ring door bell" with a camera! if u can watch it from your cell phone ,every one can watch it from there phone!
Коментарий: Ali Mohammond

Vincent Stone
Such naive sheeple! the government wants you to have these things in your house so they can watch you. CIA and DARPA started Google and Facebook how naive people are that's what's scary they want us-2 think the government is our friend! Scariest part of all is most people actually do.
Коментарий: Vincent Stone

Wesley Mooney
Learn people to not use these devices and keep a cover over the camera on phone, tv etc and never get g5 it will fry your brain among other things
Коментарий: Wesley Mooney

Shelia Shuck
Omg! I was thinking of getting those cameras because of some sneaks, and my mom has those! God o god o god. Think of the babies too! Omg.
Коментарий: Shelia Shuck

Sheila Allen
That's creepy you protecting your home and everybody can watch you
Коментарий: Sheila Allen

Tom Fleming
That reporter has a real sexy vibe. Meow!
Коментарий: Tom Fleming

Desi Car Guy PK
12:27 It is irrelevant but why are all those seats without headrests lmao
Коментарий: Desi Car Guy PK

Jack Groov
Dude what’s the website so I can go see this for myself?
Коментарий: Jack Groov

tristan archer
I have no idea why this is funny but im literally on the floor laughing at 17:52
Коментарий: tristan archer

Kathy Stephens
Kathy, there is so much stuff happening with technology illegally that most people are uneducated about all the illegal tacticS that are use by technology that can violate their Civl Rights. People need to get educated when you r not aware that you light bulbs in you home can be hacked and you r being spied on, your appliances, TV, alarm system, and digital clock. Your electricity can even be hacked. This world we live has some vicious people. Though the technology gives much convenience, it can also victimize you. I am a victim of government PARANOIA GANG STALKING, I am labeled as a Targeted Individual. Their motive is retaliation. All my Electronics are compromised. Google Gang Stalking/TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. I ONLY LEARDED OF THE THINGS MENTIONED, BECAUSE I AM VICTIM TO IT.
Коментарий: Kathy Stephens

alex neil
the baby scare, that was just wrong. people just put a damn password on your camera.
Коментарий: alex neil

EL'Diggi Diggi'EL
Коментарий: EL'Diggi Diggi'EL

HiYa Pal
If these people can locate their homes, to warn them, then there are psychos out there that can hunt them down to victimize them.
Коментарий: HiYa Pal

Tavian Dewett
Wait can a smart light bulb watch you bc thats what I have and that's it or have a speaker

Edit: please tell me this

Коментарий: Tavian Dewett

Ogbeifun Martins
Wow this video is good and In case you want to hack into someone's fb account then definitely contact webmaster6099@gmailDOTcom,he good and i am happy now because he did a great jon for me without any fear and he is legitimate and 100% very good with his hacking work
Коментарий: Ogbeifun Martins

Spy De Jager
WWE is the Best.Triple H has great WrestleMania Entrences.My Favorite Superstar is Roman Reigns...
My husband was a chronic cheat. I got a lot of proofs with webmaster6099@gmailDotcom 1 hr after ..

Коментарий: Spy De Jager

All the questions the host asked shows she has IQ of 60
Коментарий: AmazingSase

Im shocked people are that obsessed with others that they stoop to such deviant behavior. The stalker/s are obviously mentally unstable and need to seek professional help.
Коментарий: vcw

Why would anyone want to spy on me?
Коментарий: jeffegg2

Curt said it all in his comment. They prepared us for this years ago in a movie called
The Truman Show.

Коментарий: Arlsz

Ronald Funderburk
Keep on buying stuff from amozon they are watching you
Коментарий: Ronald Funderburk

Kiefer Rendon
Who else got a checkpoint software technology add about a guy hacking a women’s computer!?!? 😂🤣
Коментарий: Kiefer Rendon

Erik N
Unplug the cable so easy
Коментарий: Erik N

David Perkins
Impressive work I got from Hacker WEBMSTER6099ATGMAILDOTCOM he is a wonderful hacker with great hacking skills at affordable prices.
Коментарий: David Perkins

Earthelena Garrett
That’s truly crazy🤭
Коментарий: Earthelena Garrett

EnigmaParadox 55
How secure are RING camera's?!? This is really nerve-wracking information.
Коментарий: EnigmaParadox 55

Selena Robinson
The Manufacturors are obviously responsible for all of this and huge law suits and heavy fines should be charged upon those companies.
Коментарий: Selena Robinson

This is why I use dear / trail cams as my security features! No Wi-fi necessary, just an SD card. I go out and remove the SD cards once a week to review the footage. I get to click through a lot of photos my cat running around the front yard and backyard but it's worth it because it always catches the delivery guy, door to door salesman Etc without the risk of Broadcasting on Wi-Fi.
Коментарий: BlowItOutYourCunt

Darron Anderson
It would be erotic spying on a couple who is intimate.
Коментарий: Darron Anderson

Mr. clean One
I would always hear my neighbors go to pound town on baby monitor before the internet
Коментарий: Mr. clean One

John Dough
If you live or work in a major city your image will flash across 10-15 cameras.
Коментарий: John Dough

nikkow venne
You must be sooo lazy If u cant go and turn on & off The Lights / lock The door
If u cant do that without The smart things, its time to exersice

Smart homes = 👎👎👎

Коментарий: nikkow venne

I have actually warned people about this. You can actually reconfigure the cameras to whatever you want. Not that I have done anything bad. Just leaving a message that way.
Коментарий: Lisa

paddy brady
5 G kills
Коментарий: paddy brady

Allen Traylor
I'd still use them.... Hook the main switcher up to a remote power source , thin them on when I'm not home
Коментарий: Allen Traylor

Royal W
Private Personal PassWord❣🌅
Коментарий: Royal W

Joanne Shapiro
How to stop it ?
Коментарий: Joanne Shapiro

James B
As an IT guy none of this is mysterious or creepy.
Коментарий: James B

James B
It really pisses me off how CBC is not telling them to just put a good password on them. They will not broadcast over the internet if they have a password, of course not the default password. I'm a computer science major with six years of experience in IT. They're broadcasting because they are not used properly.
Коментарий: James B

James B
Why isn't CBC telling them to just put a good password on the cameras? It's like a computer, they don't tell you how to not get viruses and so forth, but it's up to you to learn and figure it out or pay someone.
Коментарий: James B

James B
Its broadcasting over the Internet because he does not have a good password on them, his Network may not be protected, maybe his computers have viruses, etc. This is coming from an IT guy.
Коментарий: James B

Ramona Ray
No one lololol because I live in Mexico and only have a old funky ifone-
Коментарий: Ramona Ray

Audrey Grace
Smart Technology is a disaster waiting to happen.
Коментарий: Audrey Grace

La Ben
The reporter is beautiful but sadly the way she is presenting the problem to the homeowners is actually making the whole situation about 10× worse😭
Коментарий: La Ben

Kyaw Zin Oo
new tech is danger
Коментарий: Kyaw Zin Oo

Don’t use WiFi locks. Security camera should be on a power switch. Turn them off when you want privacy. Most of all use strong passwords.
Коментарий: ToppCat

Carolina Rojas
Коментарий: Carolina Rojas

Dria Payne
This is hard to watch! Thank God for you all, because I would want to know...!!
Коментарий: Dria Payne

Paul Davies
Коментарий: Paul Davies

Love bn Nubian ———-
I don’t trust none of these devices. There is a guy who comes here every month wanting to put devices in my house I told him I am not interested. He said it is free and my neighbors have them. He was sooooo pushy. I told him many times NO he kept on talking as if I said nothing. I told him I don’t care what my neighbors have. I said I am not interested. I closed the door in his face because he kept on with this crap. I did ask him does he understand what No means? Little does he knows my neighbors told me that they said no as well. I have Security that works very well A Bullmastiff and she will have you for dinner if you come unannounced.
Коментарий: Love bn Nubian ———-

Josh Thompson
Uh... a couple of things, never buy cheap equipment, never use the default password or an easy password. Never give out your wifi password and do not set up guess access on your wifi. That being said, it's likely some type of remote access has been setup on these folks internet network.
Коментарий: Josh Thompson

Marc Field
Well the very first thing I would do is set up the damn password.
Коментарий: Marc Field

I understand why people do this DYI stuff. They are saving $$$, but this could cost them their property and worst, their lives! And this is why you hire a reputable company to install security cameras.
Коментарий: M L

Louise Mae Brouder
Коментарий: Louise Mae Brouder

lol setting up an IP camera with default gateway and password? Worst idea
Коментарий: hairlesheep

Jenny Cox
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Коментарий: Jenny Cox

Stephanie Labbé
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encrypted it with a security lock, but after i contacted DEEPAK who was
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Коментарий: Stephanie Labbé

Nola Sinclair
Things were not going well for me in my
relationship, i was so confused and i don't know what to do. things became
worse when my husband started telling me he needs to stay long hours at work
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Коментарий: Nola Sinclair

Jim McQueen
"Hey you guys, just walking in willy nilly to tell you we compromised your home! Sorry aboot that!"
Коментарий: Jim McQueen

Jim McQueen
Makda is gorgeous
Коментарий: Jim McQueen

Rose Knox
I'm not surprised I don't believe we have any privacy ANYWHERE!!!
Коментарий: Rose Knox

Ryley W
best thing to do is just not be lazy and stay away from smart stuff and turn on lights and change temps your self.

I know whenever I move out and have my own home I'm not getting any of this, even before seeing this.

Коментарий: Ryley W

Monica Forney
I’m the hacker even though I don’t even know how to reformant my computer
Коментарий: Monica Forney

galaxy 44
Don't forget this can happen with your computer, tv and phone cameras too! Also any app that you give access to your microphone or camera. Stay safe people:)
Коментарий: galaxy 44

galaxy 44
This is terrifying! I just got cameras but I don't know how I feel about them
Коментарий: galaxy 44

john mcneal
If you ever feel your device is hacked you can always contact CRAIGCYBERGHOST@Gmailcom to help you cleans all the spy bug hacking and spying into your device remotely he’s the hacker who helped me when I had similar issue he’s a life saver
Коментарий: john mcneal

Joseph Zingg
Thank God there are caring people who are warning people!
Коментарий: Joseph Zingg

9er Empire
Can anybody tell where to go to find these cool websites
Коментарий: 9er Empire

Shorne Pubique
spying on neighbours is funny. wireless lols
Коментарий: Shorne Pubique

Caroline Freeman
I shouldn’t have to memorize 4 different passwords with 4 different user names because your afraid your Children’s feeling will be hurt.
Коментарий: Caroline Freeman

Caroline Freeman
This is what happens when we remove personal boundaries, discipline and ethics and morals from our daily lives. People teach your children boundaries, and ethics and morals PLEASE!
Коментарий: Caroline Freeman

I will never go with a SMART home. I avoid all SMART technologies as much as possible. We have a hardwired security system. I refuse to have everything connected via wi-fi. Avoid all SMART appliances. They are hackable as well. The long term plan with SMART homes is for governments, the NWO global governance, to monitor and control EVERYONE’S energy usage.
Коментарий: krjourneyfan78

Hidden Truth's
That baby monitor hacker is a demon and shame on their mom🙌
Коментарий: Hidden Truth's

Hidden Truth's
I remember some government saying at some point of the statehouse you can only use a paraffin lamp, no electricity, no phones, just you and your God nothing more😂😂
Коментарий: Hidden Truth's

People told me that the Government was watching!!! Don't look like the Government to me...SMH
Коментарий: Ctayrroolne

so scary!
Коментарий: WorldPeaceNow!!!!!

Bessie Jones
O my I bought this same name brand from Costco store, haven’t put it up yet, now I want used them,😩
Коментарий: Bessie Jones

Bessie Jones
This happen to me right now, it’s done through my Ring camera 📷
Коментарий: Bessie Jones

Cody Gladue
Always make your own password. There are password generators. Google how to make a strong password. The only way these white hat hackers got in was because they gave them the password thru a email. A company who sells these will never ask you for a password.
Коментарий: Cody Gladue

Cody Gladue
Cos people don't set their own passwords and just use the default password that comes with the camera. Make your own strong password and you won't have an issue with being watched.
Коментарий: Cody Gladue

Building Memories
what do you think about the smart meters the electric companies are installing on everyone's houses? please do a video on this
Коментарий: Building Memories

Shawn Messick
Thanks Amazon. HAHA LOL
Коментарий: Shawn Messick

Shawn Messick
Having your house set up with cameras, video monitors, and smart locks, is about the stupidest thing ever. I once pissed off my in-laws by rejecting a video baby monitor. I simply said," You can return it, and get your money back". They were dumbfounded.
Коментарий: Shawn Messick

Коментарий: ********

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