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Cristiane B Cescato
Quantos celulares consigo cadastrar?
Коментарий: Cristiane B Cescato

xQueenRares MSP
What batteries
Коментарий: xQueenRares MSP

Jenny and Caelen
I looked at for YouTube‘s on the B 30 doorbell and no one said that you had to buy batteries in order to access the reset button
Коментарий: Jenny and Caelen

Dbow H
No clue where sd goes ?
Dont think there is one ?

Camera works fine.
Sound isn't the best but defo usable.

Коментарий: Dbow H

michael barrie
Why are you wasting so much time in putting batteries on and taking a sticker off the lens it’s so boring get to the point
Коментарий: michael barrie

Arlett Holmes
Does anybody know if I’m able to pair two phones for the same doorbell if so please send information
Коментарий: Arlett Holmes

Hec tech
I’m having problems with audio I can hear them from the outside but they can’t hear me
Коментарий: Hec tech

Sandra Montes de oca
Nunca entendi nada donde se istala !!! Plese again
Коментарий: Sandra Montes de oca

S Sergeant
In my area the batteries are VERY expensive. approx $10 per battery. Go to EBAY and look for the NON flat top batteries. much less expensive.
Коментарий: S Sergeant

Siobhan Quinn
Does it support iphone?
Коментарий: Siobhan Quinn

Wendy Bendy
Can this be connected to 2 devices (iPads)? I Can get it linked to 1 perfectly but can’t seem to get both linked to it? Any advice is welcome thank you in advance.
Коментарий: Wendy Bendy

Jonny-Boy Y.U.DoDis
Does it have motion detection as well? Like will it notify when someone is at my house with out ringing the door bell.
Коментарий: Jonny-Boy Y.U.DoDis

Angelica Rivera
Can't use my 5g wifi. Any suggestions on other ones?
Коментарий: Angelica Rivera

Doesn't work on midgets!
Коментарий: pollodormido2

ayad rahman
What is the maximum distance?
Коментарий: ayad rahman

This is a great video, but not a good door bell. The batteries last about a day or two only and then you have to take it apart, take out the batteries and get a battery charger that will recharge the batteries.
Коментарий: SweetNote2Sweet

Mah M
Thanks for this video!!
Коментарий: Mah M

First Name
WARNING do not buy this product it's absolutely useless FALSE alerts every minute if you put it outside and the sun shines on it. It just doesn't work. The sensor is RUBBISH !!!!
Коментарий: First Name

i think its to low..its waist height how can you see anyone's face
Коментарий: love4lust7301

Ivan Slamek
Does anybody know doorbell receiver that can also work on batteries?
Коментарий: Ivan Slamek

Tom Grieve
best walk through of a product. Thank you so much for the video.
Коментарий: Tom Grieve

Moizen Sama
‘I’m gonna go ahead’ and order one of these lol
Коментарий: Moizen Sama

Is there any way to add more than one phone to the doorbell and app?
Коментарий: Isazet

Rafael Swinney
Коментарий: Rafael Swinney

Smita Acharya
What size drill did you use
Коментарий: Smita Acharya

R. Ger.
But you have to make it eye level so you see the face of the person and not accessible to children or you'll end up with nicky nicky 9 doors all the time.
Коментарий: R. Ger.

Dirk Poppe
I'm gonna go ahead and give you a like for making a useful video. x
Коментарий: Dirk Poppe

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Коментарий: א מ טלפון אינטרקום בעמ

א מ טלפון אינטרקום בעמ
תיקון תשתיות למחשבים   פריסת כבלים התקנת נקודות הצעת מחיר לכל בקשה  לניסן 0507385126
Коментарий: א מ טלפון אינטרקום בעמ

א מ טלפון אינטרקום בעמ
תיקון אינטרקום מרכזיות תשתיות למחשבים לצפריר 0505547057  הצעת מחיר לכל בקשה
Коментарий: א מ טלפון אינטרקום בעמ

As long as you're not robbed by midgets, you're perfectly safe!
Коментарий: C4pnk1rk

U need to explain more on how to actually install like drilling...screwing that's where I'm lost...other things are cake...
Коментарий: foongU

Shivu MG
Is it work hidden camera type workking????
Коментарий: Shivu MG

rachelle moseley
Can't install. Will not connect to my wi-fi due to Ghz issues? XSH Cam app says it doesn't support 5 Ghz, but we have 2.4 & 5 Ghz. Any suggestions? Is there a different app I can use for Iphone to connect to a Baytek wifi smart video doorbell?
Коментарий: rachelle moseley

Why did you cover over the metal contacts on the base plate?
Коментарий: PinkGirl2242

Kendrick J Glover
The app is called icsee not 2see
Коментарий: Kendrick J Glover

Kendrick J Glover
I've had mine for a week now and no complaints. Does everything its supposed to do.
Коментарий: Kendrick J Glover

Is there any way that i can stop my doorbell from shouting BING BLOODY BONG 3 TIMES thereby announcing to all the neighbours in the whole block of flats that there is someone at my door. it is stupidly loud
Коментарий: Silverhand290

Ads M
Hi mate thanks for the helpful video.
Is it possible to mount this with strong double sided adhesive pad at all?

Коментарий: Ads M

Sue Lock
Are the batteries flat top or button top?
Коментарий: Sue Lock

is your wifi 2.4GHz or 5GHz? I bought similar doorbell, but could not pair to my mobile phone even our wifi is capable of transmitting both 2.4 and 5 GHz. I've been tinkering on it for 2 days now, but no luck :-(

Коментарий: ydlazkov

Mario D. Zmaj
I want something like this, but that it can control the gate too, so I can click a button on my phone and it opens the front gate (I have those 433.92 MHz remotes for gate)
Коментарий: Mario D. Zmaj

Jhonny Chillon
Hi, How many monitors, tablets or cell phones can you connect?
Коментарий: Jhonny Chillon

Jean Bernard Bourguignon
You didn't say anything about the Chime that is not included.
Коментарий: Jean Bernard Bourguignon

Rafael Swinney
I just upgraded to a Ring2 it’s a much better product.
Коментарий: Rafael Swinney

Diamond princess Queen
Awww he is just to cute
Коментарий: Diamond princess Queen

Diamond princess Queen
Thank you for showing me how to do it I'm order me one
Коментарий: Diamond princess Queen

Diamond princess Queen
I want one to hide it so I can catch whoever trying to still from me
Коментарий: Diamond princess Queen

Nelly Nelson
8 month battery? Im lucky if mine lasts 1 day
Коментарий: Nelly Nelson

Eric Patterson
Any 1 know name of the app 2 connect door bell
Коментарий: Eric Patterson

virginia price
I received my Smart video wifi doorbell... Can someone please share to app I have a iPhone 8 ... i think he is saying you can go to app store snd search tc or ct please help me...
Коментарий: virginia price

Prabath Premaratne
great video :) thanks! i wandering how long the batteries would last if i just use it to check who is at the door when the main doorbell is rung since i am upstairs most of the time and. so it would be simply to activate the camera through my phone and see who is at the door. I dont need it to be triggered due to movements by the door.
Коментарий: Prabath Premaratne

Marty Joplin
I bought 2 units like this manufactured by XSHcam model M3-X_720P. I've charged several sets of batteries but it never runs off of the batteries. It won't power on until I supply power via the usb port. It shuts down as soon as I unplug it. Any suggestions?
Коментарий: Marty Joplin

Mike Johnson
How you get the doorbell to ring in the house mines want I’ve hook the wires from the house to the plate and still nothing please someone HELP me
Коментарий: Mike Johnson

Mr. Majestic
Its been over a year later. Are you pleased with it? How about an update video
Коментарий: Mr. Majestic

Shawn Denham
its keeps saying it needs updated.  How is the unit updated
Коментарий: Shawn Denham

Bill Poje
Wired unit to old bell button wires. Unit works great doing as claimed by activating my cell phone but house system does not activate...what didn't I do. My existing house chimes are electro-mechanical.
Коментарий: Bill Poje

Sebastian Sanchez
Anyone know what that cruise button on the app does?
Коментарий: Sebastian Sanchez

deborah yana
Can some one tell me do you need to put a SD card in the device because when I click on my phone it is saying no SD card plus others can not hear me very well
Коментарий: deborah yana

Jeremy Sharp
Please someone tell me.....
Коментарий: Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy Sharp
Hey how in the hell you get the batteries to work in yours?. Mines wont do it... What voltage
Коментарий: Jeremy Sharp

Urs Odermatt
yes, no batteries!!!!!!!!
Коментарий: Urs Odermatt

Sky Fire
It looks like someone can just walk up and take it off the wall
Коментарий: Sky Fire

deborah yana
I need help I can not get the batteries for this doorbell anywhere can someone please tell me where I can get them
Коментарий: deborah yana

Rod Adshead
This is a load of rubish. I have thrown mind away in anger. the batteries lasted 12 days. it does not record or play back as quoted. my advice buy one from elsewhere that supply quality doorbells that work. Or go back to two cans and a piece of string. That better then THIS.
Коментарий: Rod Adshead

Steve Anderson
Mine whont go red ?
Коментарий: Steve Anderson

so it wont start recording until someone rings doorbell? What about if someone walks up on your porch and does not ring door bell. Will it automatic record them?
Коментарий: mytime206

Bill Stihl
do I have to be home or close for this to work on my phone? I work 50mi away from home. Will I still get alerts and video I can talk to?
Коментарий: Bill Stihl

Robert A
After you put the security pin in, how do you change batteries.
Коментарий: Robert A

Robert A
Thanks a million for your video, never would have gotten it to work without it....!!!
Коментарий: Robert A

قناة بيت ثول
hello dear
What is the secret password for Wi-Fi?

Thank you

Коментарий: قناة بيت ثول

Liz Peterson
Mine came with batteries. So I think now I have to charge them. The light is blinking red so I'm sure they are dead.  Didn't think this was going to be a huge hassle.
Коментарий: Liz Peterson

Liz Peterson
I think the company should of told us what App to use.
Коментарий: Liz Peterson

Ugandan Knuckles
what is the app called
Коментарий: Ugandan Knuckles

At that height does it record an adults face?. It looks too low to me, around chest height. I would have thought it needed to go higher? Thanks.
Коментарий: CitizenIreland

M Asim
Thanks for video nicely explained but can you please do night vision
Коментарий: M Asim

Tammy Jones
We hooked it up to our existing doorbell, but it wont power on. Any suggestions?
Коментарий: Tammy Jones

zozo zeze
How can make sure no one would steal it from the front door??
Коментарий: zozo zeze

Carl Bradley
Does your door bell have loop recording?
Коментарий: Carl Bradley

Jedixfett X
Thanks for the video. I just got mine. I couldn’t find a place to put a sd card in. Also where was the option to record video
Коментарий: Jedixfett X

how is the doorbell holding up? any issues so far? thanks
Коментарий: dustyj22

kev carguillo
get a ring cheap rubbish dont wast your money
Коментарий: kev carguillo

Chris W
Thank you for putting this on youtube
Коментарий: Chris W

A buy a lot from Ali but I got a Ring on Amazon and I found out there is an ongoing fee. Is this the same as the Ring and will the videos/motion save to my phone or SD card?
Коментарий: FlowerClown

you look like the guy on mouse trap monday
Коментарий: denden51

Leo Guzman
what are the batteries called or can u provide a link pls
Коментарий: Leo Guzman

Arizona Reddy
Hi Great Video! I Have Same Doorbell, I Would like to Know How To Change Batteries? Mine Went out 2wks Brand New! I See This will be An Issue For Me! Thankyou for Sharing👍👍👍
Коментарий: Arizona Reddy

kiki mo
Nice share
Коментарий: kiki mo

What app do you use for this doorbell?
Коментарий: PJ S

Sterling Anderson
Can this connect to a google home speaker? I'm wondering if I can get it to chime on my google home mini in the back of the house. or show the video on chromecast.
Коментарий: Sterling Anderson

Chad Cessna
I just purchased this. Now I need to order batteries. It states 18650 6800 mAh batteries but what voltage do I look for in the batteries?
Коментарий: Chad Cessna

Wijnand Trippenzee
Hoe Long does it work on the battery?
Коментарий: Wijnand Trippenzee

Is it still working?
Коментарий: kuttanpillai72

Only works within your own wireless range ,easier to answer the door ,I thought it could operate on mobile network ,whats the point if your not at home , it does not work ????
Коментарий: gigcam

Warren Monroe
I touched the negative spring with the positive battery end and got smoke. Is the door bell fried?
Коментарий: Warren Monroe

Where is the slot for the micro SD card?
Коментарий: ATLsoleSurvivor

Jenny C
How long do the batteries take to recharge?
Коментарий: Jenny C

Halil Cifci
Can I use this with cable? If not are there any versions with cables. I really dont like batteries
Коментарий: Halil Cifci

I can not get mine to recognize any WiFi networks. Only TooSee, then none. Any advice? I tried typing in the network name.
Коментарий: bfunzone

Wow ! Don’t even have to get out of my seat !! Sweeeeet I’m getting it
Коментарий: MAFF BUCKLEY

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